Spring FAREAST 28R Challenge SFC-2019
4 stages
PRO and OPEN Leagues for participants with different sailing skills

Event description
Spring FAREAST 28R Challenge SFC-2019 is a series of races on a classical Olympic distance in 2 loops — will be held in the water area of Limassol Marina.

The event have 4 stages. It is the best way to prepare the club teams and to select newcomers and beginners to participate in the Championship of Cyprus (ORC) 2019, which starts already on June 1st.

The competition is divided into two days — the experienced teams will participate on Saturdays, on Sundays — beginners and progressive athletes.
By the request of the captains in the OPEN League, skippers from the PRO League can be invited as consultants.

The distance will be given on the day of the race depending on the direction of the wind.
The Notice of Races will be published until February 27th.

Read more about the schedule of the events below.

Calendar and Schedule
Saturday PRO League / Sunday OPEN League
10:30 — Captains' briefing
11:00 — Exit from Limassol Marina
12:00 — Races' start
16:30 — Awarding
Stage 1
3rd March
Stage 2
24th of March
Stage 3
21st / 22nd April
18th / 19th May
The racing yachts, comparable to Formula 1 cars, if we draw analogies with motorsport. A modern racing yacht that can reach speeds of more than 20 knots on full courses. It is not afraid of a strong wind, and from 11 knots it is gliding (flying over water). The winner in the nomination "Boat of the Year 2016".

The yachts is friendly for beginners and simple in control and managing.

In just two years, sales have won a lot of awards in international regattas, and in national regattas of various countries.
Test Drive FAREAST 28R
Participation fee
Team Participation
up to 6 people
For one stage — €270
For all 4 stages — €960

If you have pepole with All Inclusive Membership,
you can deduct from the cost proportionally

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Personal Participation
for one person
for one stage — €60 or €50 for CISC members
for 4 stages — €200 or €160 for CISC members

Free for All Inclusive Membership

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Spring calendar
23, 24 Open Trainings
2, 3 Spring FAREAST 28R Challenge
9 or 10 Carnaval Race
16,17 Open Trainings
30, 31 Spring FAREAST 28R Challenge
6, 7, 13, 27, 28 Open Trainings
20, 21 Spring FAREAST 28R Challenge

4, 11,12 Open Trainings
18, 19 Spring FAREAST 28R Challenge
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