sponsor and partnership Kits
Cyprus International Sailing Club offers special sponsorship packages with a wide choice of options for participating in regattas, races and other events that are held by the club.
BAsic Options
Event Sponsorship
Event Sponsorship includes the branding of the boat or distribution products through participants for the specific period of time. It can be for Spring challenge or for ORC European Championship 2019 in Limassol, club races or other events.
Simple Branding on white sails include:
- White sails with PVC stickers
- Main Sail / Jib / Gennaker
- Hull PVC sticker on white background
- Flag on the mast of a yacht parked in Limassol Marina (visibility
from everywhere)
- Social Media FB/Instagram
Price: 8000 per boat
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Branding of Genaker (80 m2)
- Genaker with big logo
- Colors: Black,Yellow, White
- Work and production
- The gennaker will be used at ORC European Championship 2019 in Limassol.
Price: 4000 per boat
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Event name: "Sponsors' name" Spring Cup — "Carlsberg Regatta"
- Podium, medals, souvenirs with Sponsors' Logo
- Media coverage Facebook and instagram — Cyprus and the community of yachtsmen of Russia and Ukraine.
- Product promotion: tasting, distribution through participants of the products (provided by Sponsor)
- Mentioning of the Sponsor name during the event.
Price: 1200 per boat
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Event name: "Sponsors' name" Spring Cup — "Fareast 28R Regatta"
- Putting a brand name on the boat zones for branding (board or/ or hull / or sails),
- Placing flags on all boats
- Priority placement of the sponsor's logo and information about it on the event website.
- Mentioning of the Sponsor name during the event.
- Participation of the sponsor in regatta
Price: 3500 per boat
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General Sponsorship
Sailing team options including ORC European Championship 2019 in Limassol.
You can make branding for one team or for 3 teams. They will represents your company on the international Regattas and different events during the year.
(1) Logo on the Sail
Sticker for the sail: 800 euro
+ 200 work and manufacture
Total: 1000
(2) Logo on the Hull
Sticker for the hull:
1200 euro
+ 300 work and production
Total: 1500
(3) Logo Hull + Sail
Hull+sail stickers: 2100 euros
with work and production
Total: 2100

(4) Team uniform
1000 euros per one boat, 7 branded Polos and Caps, top quality sailing clothes with ultraviolet protection
Examples of branding are as below
Total: 1000
(5) Package for one boat
Package of the branding for the one boat includes:
- branding of the Hull (Logo)
- branding of the Sail (Logo)
- team uniform
- work and production
- media supervision
Total: 5500
(6) Additionally
Additionally, you can order a gennaker with a logo
(this gennaker will be used not only at the European Championships but also at other sailing events).
Cyprus Championship 2019,
Club Racing,
Elephtheria race 2019, etc.

The price of the 1 gennaker with a logo is 3500 euros, the gennaker will be used by the club and further at various events and trainings.
Total: 3500
Up to the end of 2019 price per 1 boat:

The cost of branding until the end of 2020 and Team uniform
In addition, we can keep the Company's symbols until the end of 2020.

The cost of branding until the end of 2020
For one boat: 5500 euros
For three boats: 13,500 euros
Work and materials are included.
This cost also includes the
— European Championship 2019
and all the remaining events in 2019.
Total: 5500 or 13500

Team uniformThe cost of team uniform is 1000 euros per one boat, 7 branded polos and caps, top quality sailing clothes with ultraviolet protection.
Have a look on examples of branding.
Corporate and team building events
We organize team building and corporate events for different companies. We hold both sport trainings and team building activities for a group from 4 to 28 persons. We provide master classes as an intensive way to manage a yacht sailing skills.
Corporate and team-building events

Package include:

4 boats for 28 persons - Sport Racing Boats - Fareast 28R.
program of the event according to your request
-- 4 professional skippers will provide all necessary information and will teach the crew basic techniques during the sailing.
— after the sailing race we provide awards, greetings and treats for all the participants.
— we can also organize catering for you before or after the sailing race.

Always happy to communicate
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Boats are moored at
Limassol Marina,
pier in front of TGI Friday's

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