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One-day corporate events
on sailing yachts
"Team Building", training, celebrations, turnkey regattas, and other events
for groups of 4 to 120 people.
About Us
The club is the largest yacht club in Cyprus based directly in the Mediterranean.
Despite its youth (the club was founded in 2017), CISC has been recognized by the Cyprus Olympic Committee as the best yacht club on the island for 4 years in a row, from 2018–2021.

Teamwork and incredible emotions, an unusual corporate party with elements of team building and outdoor activities - this is a regatta!
What is a corporate regatta and how is it held?
The corporate regatta is a friendly competition on sailing yachts that are held according to all the rules of sailing. The boats start at the same time. The goal is to cover the distance as quickly as possible and finish before the rivals.

Races are held in a comfortable and safe environment under the guidance of an experienced skipper-instructor and are suitable for people with a wide range of physical fitness.

Before the regatta, we conduct a briefing where we explain the basic things about the structure of the vessel, the management of a sailing yacht, and safety on board. The skipper distributes roles between the participants and suggests what needs to be done and at what moment.
Limassol marina
Races are held in Limassol Bay. It's always windy here. There are basically no calm days, and even on these days, it's windy from 12 to 15:00. In winter, westerly winds of 7 to 20 knots prevail here.

Also, in winter, there are east winds and a wave comes. With westerly winds, the sea is always quite calm in terms of waves. East winds are about 25% of the time.

The swimming season lasts from June to October, at which time there are practically no high waves. The beach season in Cyprus lasts about 8 months. Winds and rains come from December to February, but this does not become an issue for experienced sea wolves.

In addition, there are no tides on the coastline of Cyprus, so travelers shouldn't be afraid of a sudden change in the mood of the sea.

The number and location of yachts
  • The club's fleet consists of 11 new yachts and is located at the pier next to TGI Friday's restaurant.
Our club's berth
  • Limassol Marina can accommodate up to 650 yachts (there are separate berths for superyachts with a maximum vessel length of up to 110 meters).
For our clients, we have the opportunity to carry out full or partial branding: the sails of yachts and their sides can be applied with elements of the corporate identity of the company or with any other pattern or text. As well as all items of clothing: caps, jackets, t-shirts, shirts, etc.
One-day corporate event program
Gathering, general briefing
The teams go to the instructors, the division of roles, and access to the water
Start of the first race — event for 3 races
Awards & Closing Ceremony
Submit an application
Limassol Marina,
у пирса рядом с рестораном TGI Friday’s
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