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Training Sailing Races is a sports activity on
Fareast 28R sport-racing yachts on weekdays and weekends in New Limassol Marina. Training Sailing session's developed for both beginners and experienced yachtsmen. Our professional instructors will be happy to tell, explain, and teach you all the necessary skills.
We practice:

— we repeat previously obtained basic techniques,
— learn to sail on yachts,
— practice starting procedures,
— analyze racing rules of sailing,
— analyze the roles in the team,
— work out give way / stand on situations and rounding the marks,
— starting in the boxes,
— trim and set sails on time,
— and, of course, compete with each other.
Each time we learn new procedures, so each training — is directed development of a certain skill on the yacht.

We encourage you to negotiate with other sailors and create teams for training and racing.
Teams can have a special discount; teams can participate in races; teams can always go with your favorite instructor or coach of your choice. Also, team when you work as a team — it is more effective, exciting, and challenging.

Our administrator will help you create new team for practical sailing sessions and find a group to join for training and other events.
Participation fee
You can choose any plan that is convenient for you, both for entertainment and for active sports. Training takes place almost every weekend, sign up!
Training Sailing Sessions
One training session:
For club guests — €60 (incl. VAT)
For Club members — €50 (incl. VAT)

Independent sailing sessions on weekdays:
Gather a team and rent a boat for only €350 (incl. VAT) for club members.
CISC Membership
Annual CISC membership fee: € 50 (incl. VAT)

To become a member of our club is easy:
— it is necessary to fill out an on-line registration form,
— pay a membership fee.

By becoming a member of our club you get:
- Discount on trainings and clubs races
- 30% off on Musto, HH and Spinlock sailing equipment
- 20% off on all Mens services in barbershop Chop-Chop
- €5 off on single cart in @CyprusBlokart
Our skippers, coaches and instructors
We are proud of our skippers team
  • Yury Spiridonov
    IYT Skippers Instructor
  • Alexander Eller
    Skipper / Instructor
  • Maksim Grishchev
    Skipper / Racing Instructor
  • Pavel Vaschenko
    Skipper / Instructor
  • Ernest Agayan
    Skipper / Instructor
  • Artem Mochalov
    Skipper / Instructor
  • Michel Fialas
    Skipper / Instructor
  • Alex Gamm
    Skipper / Instructor
  • Andys Captain Sarris
    Skipper / Instructor
Our fleet for sailing
Sport yachts, participants of Cyprus Championship and Europe Championship ORC 2018, The Cyprus to Israel Regatta 2019
11 sport yachts — FAREAST 28R
Sport yacht, comparable with Formula 1, if we draw analogies with motor sport.
A modern racing yacht that can reach speeds of more than 20 knots on full courses. The yachts are not afraid of strong winds and already glides with 14 knots (slides on water). Winner in the nomination "Boat of the Year 2016".
Always happy to communicate
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask
CISC Administrator:
+357 966 55 136

CISC Social networks:

Our fleet — 11 yachts FAREAST 28R that are moored in
New Limassol Marina, pier is behind TGI Friday's.
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